Purchase your CLTD Exam directly from San Fernando Valley APICS and save $$ over the standard APICS list price of exams.

  • CLTD Exam for PLUS Members or STUDENT members - Save $40 off the $4755 APICS purchase price!
  • CLTD Exam for CORE members or Non-Members - Save $75 off the $625 APICS purchase price!

All Exam vouchers must be redemeeded within 6 months for a test reservation date.

Candidates must obtain eligibility by completing the CLTD online eligibility application prior to purchasing their exam.


Email membership at: membership@apics-sfv.org if you are unsure what type of member you are.

CLTD Exam - for APICS PLUS Members or Student Members (Valued at $475)


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CLTD Exam - for APICS CORE Members and Non-Members (Valued at $625)


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