Principles of Operations Management Course Description

This course is concerned with the design of systems to produce goods and services and the operation of those systems. It discusses relationships within the company environment, particularly with marketing and product design. Topics covered include facilities planning, total quality management (TQM), cost analysis, project planning, and operations resource management. Department responsibilities and roles are covered - from Development/Research Engineering through Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Shipping and Financial Controls.


This course will impart knowledge and understanding of operations resource management and the factors involved in designing and operating a production process. Real world difficulties are addressed, with discussion on successful strategies to overcome challenges. The course includes an overview to today's "Lean Operations" approaches and impact on company competitiveness.


  • Introduction to Operations Management

  • Product Planning

  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Process Design

  • Facility Layout and Materials Handling

  • Case Study, Facility Location and Process Improvement

  • Midterm Examination and Process Improvement

  • Performance Measurement

  • Quality Management

  • Quality Management Continued

  • Case Study and Project Management

  • Final Examination