Principles of Manufacturing Control Course Description

This course deals with priority and capacity management through the use of material requirements planning (MRP), capacity management, capacity requirements planning (CRP), production activity control (PAC), and Just-in-Time (JIT). This course explores the execution of the production plan and master production schedule, reactions to capacity constraints, and maintenance of individual order control.

This course will impart a fundamental knowledge and understanding of priority and capacity management.


  • Introduction to Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Production Activity Control (PAC)

  • Bills of Material

  • MRP Basics

  • Managing with MRP and Closing the Loop

  • Advanced MRP Techniques

  • Introduction to Capacity Management

  • Midterm Examination and Capacity Management

  • Production Activity Control (PAC)

  • Production Activity Control (PAC) Continued

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing

  • Case Study and Course Review

  • Final Examination