PDM “Need for Speed”, Lean Operations in Global Supply Chain Management

September 14, 2017
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
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Orange Grove Bistro at CSUN
Orange Grove Bistro on Matador Road, Enter on Zelzah, just north of Nordhoff. Before parking, go to Information booth on Lindley and get a "GUEST" parking pass.
Northridge, CA

Professional Development Meeting

“Need for Speed”, Lean Operations in Global Supply Chain Management

“A traveler on the frontier found himself out of his reckoning one night in a most inhospitable region.  A terrific thunderstorm came up, to add to his trouble.  He floundered along until at length his horse gave out.  The lightning afforded him the only clue to his way, but the peals of thunder were frightful.  One bolt, which seemed to crush the earth benieath him, brought him to his knees.  By no means a praying man, his petition was short and to the point: ‘O Lord, if it’s all the same to you, give us a little more light and little less noise.’” *

 Industry today is awash in wonky jargon and papers that serve more to complicate and intimidate than educate.  Lean focuses on driving only those supply chain improvements that truly matter to the customer and the bottom line.  Ted will address the futility of concentrating on “domain” improvements and concentrating on “systems thinking” to achieve broader operational improvement efforts.


 Presented by, 

Theodore Ken Mayeshiba, MBA. Lecturer, USC (part-time)

  About our Speaker: 

 Ted has lived through the transformation of the auto industry, aerospace, and government industries.  He’s lived in the time of the “burning platform"  for those industries and lived to tell about it.  

Ted Mayeshiba has been coaching and advising since 1991. He is currently a Principal of Aditi Group, a nationwide consulting firm in HIPAA and HITEC compliance based in Santa Monica, CA. Theodore Mayeshiba is a Fellow of IIE. He received his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute). He holds a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

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