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APICS Operations Management Courses:

For more than 35 years the San Fernando Valley Chapter has provided APICS P&IM classes here in The Valley. After earning a certificate from our partner organization, many of our students have gone on to get their CPIM certification from APICS, thus increasing their value and knowledge to their employers in the field of Management. Those who become certified, earn 10-15% more than those who are NOT certified. Click here to see a salary chart for jobs when CPIM has been earned.


CPIM Certification Exams:

To earn your CPIM certification you will need to take and pass the five APICS CPIM exams:

Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM)

This exam addresses basic definitions and concepts for planning and controlling the flow of materials into, through, and out of, an organization. It identifies fundamental relationships among the activities that occur in the supply chain from suppliers to customers. It also provides an overview of manufacturing systems, forecasting, master planning, material requirements planning, capacity management, production activity control, purchasing, inventory management, distribution, quality management and just-in-time manufacturing. The four main topics covered in this exam are:

  • Business Wide Concepts
  • Demand Planning
  • Transformation of Demand into Supply
  • Supply

Master Planning of Resources (MRP)

This exam addresses the relationship of strategic and business planning with operations planning. It covers the four primary areas of demand management; (forecasting, customer order servicing, distribution planning and customer relationship management). Forecasting tools and techniques and concepts are presented along with best practices in customer order servicing. It also breaks down the formal processes and controls related to sales and operations planning (S&OP) and master production scheduling (MPS). And, it shows how to develop realistic, achievable production plans and master schedules consistent with business objectives and resource constraints in both MTS and MTO environments. The three main topics of this exam are:

  • Demand Management
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Master Scheduling

Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP)

This exam focuses on concepts and techniques for material and capacity planning at the detailed level of planning and scheduling. It covers various inventory planning factors such as lot-sizing, order review techniques, safety stock, and inventory accuracy as they relate to order planning and scheduling. It also defines critical inputs and outputs of manufacturing planning and control systems, and it provides a detailed explanation of
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) processes. Also included in this course is a discussion of the strategic importance of procurement planning and supplier relationship development. The three main topics of this exam are:

  • Planning material requirements to support the master schedule
  • Planning operations to support the priority plan
  • Planning procurement and external sources of supply

Execution and Control of Operations (ECO)

This exam addresses the principles and practices of scheduling, controlling, and measuring operations in all types of manufacturing environments (job shop, batch, flow, and process production). It explains techniques for scheduling and controlling intermittent production and process operations. It also addresses the execution of quality initiatives, elimination of waste, continuous improvement. The three main topics of this exam are:

  • Prioritization and sequencing of work to be performed
  • Executing work plans and implementing physical controls
  • Performance reporting and feedback

Strategic Management of Resources (SMR)

This exam/course explores the relationship of existing and emerging processes and technologies as related to manufacturing strategy and supply chain functions. Key topics include: competitive market issues, choices affecting structure and infrastructure, supply chain, information technology, organizational design, configuring and integrating internal processes, and change management. Three major areas of strategic planning are addressed:

  • Aligning resources with the strategic plan
  • Configuring and integrating operating processes to support the strategic plan
  • Implementing change

SMR is highly recommended for middle managers and executives who want to learn more about how to align operational plans with their business strategy. Also recommended for students who plan on taking the APICS CPIM certification exam Strategic Management of Resources exam (Module Five), which was heavily revised in 2009 to emphasis the strategic planning process for operations, in manufacturing, distribution and service organizations.


Taking CPIM Certification Exams:

In order to pass these exams you will need to have a passing score of 300 or better on each of the five exams. Four of the exams consist of 75 multiple-choice questions; the BSCM exam has 105 questions. You will be given three hours to complete each exam in a managed environment. These exams can be taken at an APICS sponsored testing site or they can be administered by a local chapter. Starting in December the San Fernando Valley Chapter will be administering group testing locally. See below for more information on group testing. On successful completion of all five exams you will be eligible to apply for the CPIM certification.

Computer Based Testing:

You can take the CPIM exams at any of several Pearson-VUE testing centers. The closest of these to the San Fernando Valley are in Pasadena and Westlake Village. For the location of this and other Pearson testing centers go to

For more information, including costs regarding computer based testing, click on the following link:


Preparing for CPIM certification exams:

There are several ways in which you can prepare for taking the certification exams, including self-study, P&IM Classes, and in-house education. All three are available from the San Fernando Valley Chapter.


While self-study is not for everyone, it is a viable approach for anyone who either has broad knowledge and experience in multiple manufacturing / distribution environments, or who has taken P&IM courses, and understands the terminology and core concepts of the APICS Body of Knowledge. If you choose to take the self-study approach, you may need to purchase some basic study aids from APICS. At a minimum you will need the "CPIM Exam Content Manual" which describes the topics covered in each of the exams and provides you with key terms, concepts and references for each exam, along with a few sample questions. You should also have the "APICS Dictionary" which is free to APICS members. For additional recommended study materials see the table below for pricing and catalog numbers.

It is recommended that you start with the Basics of Supply Chain Management module which is a broad overview of the Body of Knowledge. If you do well with this exam, then move on to the next module. If you have a problem passing BSCM then you may need to take some classes in order to get a better understanding of the subject. Practical experience helps, but many companies do not operate the way that APICS thinks they should. The certification tests will be based on the theory of how these companies should operate and not on how some actually do operate.

If you do not choose to take the self-study route, here are several alternative approaches that you may want to consider.

Instructor-led P&IM / CPIM Courses:

For those interested in obtaining APICS Certification training, the San Fernando Valley chapter of APICS offers CPIM (instructor led) classes at the Professional Development Center (PDC) of Glendale Community College in Montrose and College of the Canyon in Santa Clarita. Check our calendar to see the current and upcoming classes offered.

For all registration questions please contact our VP of Education at For questions regarding PDC Glendale Community College Classes, contact Pamela Shroder at  For questions regardng College of the Canyon classes, contact

Quick links for Instructor-led CPIM courses:

  • PDC Glendale Community College Class schedule and registration: Click here
  • College of the Canyon Class schedule and registration: Click here

On-line CPIM certification courses:

On-line classes are offered locally by CSU, Dominguez Hills through LAPICS (LA Chapter).
For more information call Joan Hall at 760.665.1142, or go to

APICS also offers on-line classes through Weber State Univ. and Fox Valley Technical College. To learn more about these programs, click on:


In-House Classes:

The San Fernando Valley chapter offers a complete series of instructor led, in-house classes taught on-site at your company using certified APICS course materials. Please email our VPs of Education, Certification Programs at for more information on this program.

Recommended Study Aids for CPIM certification exams:

Regardless of which of these approaches you choose, you will need to purchase some basic CPIM certification study aids as noted above.

While it is not required that you be an APICS member to take CPIM exams, it is highly recommended that you join the Chapter in order to purchase the needed study materials at a sizable discount. See our membership page, or email

Table of recommended CPIM study aids:

APICS Study Aid / Publication

Stock No.

Related Modules

2013 CPIM Exam Content Manual


All CPIM modules

APICS Dictionary, 12th Ed


All CPIM modules

Introduction to Materials Management, 6th ed. Arnold, Chapman, Clive



Study Notes for Basics of Supply Chain Management



Study Notes for Master Planning of Resources



Study Notes for Detailed Scheduling and Planning



Study Notes for Execution & Control of Resources



Study Notes for Strategic Planning of Resources



CPIM Practice Questions Series Booklet


All CPIM modules(also available individually)

CPIM Practice Questions Series CD Rom


All CPIM modules(also available individually)

* All prices are subject to change. Check the APICS website for current pricing.

** Free with APICS membership


Note: Books may be ordered from APICS or directly by the students. All participant work books and dictionaries (APICS proprietary materials) should be ordered from APICS directly. Check with APICS to see if other recommended texts are available from APICS and/or

Note: Before purchasing any of these study aids, you should check to see if they are included in the price of instructor-led or online courses.

Note also: Additional study aids are available through APICS and other sources. Go to for more information, or email us at to discuss your individual training needs.